Vyomi Malik

Name:  Vyomi Malik

Birth date: 19th December

Academics: Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Pune University and M.B.A. in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Pune (Gold medalist)     

Hobbies: Reading, writing, blogging, travelling, adventure sports and theater

1. When did you find yourself lost in the world of words? 

My love story with writing began with a hate story. As a child, whenever we would vacation as a family, my mother would hand me the dictionary as well as the thesaurus and ask me to write about the trip. I remember trying everything to avoid those mandatory writing sessions. What started out as dread, soon blossomed into inseparable love! Writing will always be my first love. My first short story won second prize and was published in Maharashtra Herald as part of a competition for children when I was in class VII.

I will also always be inspired by my late paternal grandmother (Dr. Shanti Malik) who was a prolific award- winning Hindi author. I hope to follow in her footsteps someday, albeit in English.

2. Do you believe that self-experience is important to keep your pen flowing? What motivates you to write and just keep writing?

If self-experience was the only means of expression in a writer’s palette, then the emerging picture would rarely burst forth kaleidoscopic colors. I surely wouldn’t have written articles on parenting if it was only about firsthand experience! In my opinion, empathy and observation are essential, as there are stories all around us waiting to be told.

Writing gives me immense peace. So for me it is a case of chasing my bliss while playing with words. It is also recognition from platforms like Syahee, feedback from my family, supporters and my readers’ comments that motivate me to keep on writing.

3. For a writer, how important it is to be a good reader?

Reading is the life force flowing through writers’ veins. A writer’s life sans reading is akin to a pen whose ink has run dry. Just as the flow of ink is key for a pen to write smoothly, so is reading for a writer to keep honing his/her craft. As a writer, my mantra is always read, read and then read some more!

4. What are your views on feminism?

I’m longing to be witness to an era when there is no need for this word. I think one should aim to excel at whatever you undertake and let your work do the talking. Your gender doesn’t really matter but your work ethic and passion to achieve your dreams do. Just don’t give up and your efforts will be recognized sooner or later.

5. A message for budding literature enthusiasts... 

Dear literature enthusiasts, do you know why you are the most awesome people? The future of words belongs in your hands. You have immense power to shape the future of reading with your choices. When you read and spread the love of the written word, you are ensuring this legacy is passed onto the coming generations and not lost amidst the challenges of everyday life. Whenever you have a minute to spare, be it on the ride home, stuck in traffic or just before bedtime, just read and grow with your only true friends for life- books.

If you’re a writer looking to get your work noticed, then learn to embrace rejections. They are the countless stones you will have to step upon in your journey as a writer, before your work is appreciated. So just keep on going, for nothing can keep the passionate away from their passions. 


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મૃગ તરસે જળ દોડી દોડી હાથધર્યું ઝાંઝવાનીર, માનવ ભૂખ્યો પ્રેમનો મથામણ કરી પામ્યો વહેમ 

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શુ ? આ છે જિંદગી !

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तुझे लिखती रहूंगी मैं

तेरे प्यार की स्याही में

अपनी कलम को डुबो कर

इस ज़िंदगी के पन्नों पे

तेरे साथ जिये लम्हों को

कविताओं में बुनकर

तुझको लिखती रहूंगी मैं

तुझको जीती रहूंगी मैं

तू वो है जो मेरे साथ है

और मेरे बाद भी रहेगा

कभी किसी के होठों में हंसेगा

किसी की आंखों से बहेगा

किसी अलमारी के पुराने

दराज की खुशबु में महकेगा

किसी की आंखों की गहराई

जब जब मेरे शब्दों में उतरेगी

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इल्ज़ाम ए इश्क़

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धीरे-धीरे सब दूर होते गए

वक़्त के आगे मजबूर होते गए

रिश्तों में हमने ऐसी चोट खाई की

बस हम बेवफ़ा और सब बेकसूर होते गए

इल्ज़ामों की श्रृंखला बड़ी लंबी थी साहेब

वो लगाते गए हम मुस्कुराते गए

अपनी झुकी हुई भीगी पलकों के नीचे

जख्म ए इश्क़ हम छुपाते चले गए

बरसों किया इंतजार हमने

तेरी मीठी सी मुस्कान का

पर बेरहम तुम नजरों से

कत्ल करने को खंजर चलाते गए

जिक्र ए इश्क़ जो कभी सुनाई दे

जुबां पे तेरा नाम और

नज़रों में तेरा अक्स दिखाई…


आसमान से ऊंचा

Posted by Sakshi garg on October 14, 2020 at 10:16am 1 Comment

अक्सर सिर की छत बन कर धूप और बारिश से बचा लेता है पिता...

यूं ही नहीं उसे आसमान से भी ऊंचा कहते ।

दो बातें

Posted by Sakshi garg on October 14, 2020 at 10:13am 0 Comments

कुछ बातें इन दो कारणों से भी तकलीफ दे देती हैं : 

1• काश ! ये सब सच होता ।;

2• काश ! ये सब झूठ होता ।


Posted by Sakshi garg on October 10, 2020 at 9:02pm 0 Comments

मुझे रखा छांव में, खुद जलते रहे धूप में...

हां मैंने देखा है फरिश्ता अपने पिता के रूप में ।।

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